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Here are our tips for growing successful fodder crops:


Plan Ahead – Get a soil test to identify nutrient deficiency, all fodder crops respond well to nutrients, especially nitrogen.

Weed & Insect Control – Poorly managed paddocks are normally badly infested with annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. Sowing a fodder crop can aid in eradicating weed problems you may have prior to going back to a permanent pasture.

Sowing – Ideally seeds should be sown into a well-prepared, fine seedbed. Rolling after seeding will give good seed, soil contact that will aid in faster plant establishment.

Crop Management – Continue to monitor for pests and diseases, as damage will cause decreased quality and palatability of your crop. Once crop is mature introduce stock slowly through short grazings at regular intervals. Once stock have been conditioned, they will prefer fodder crop to a pasture. Always supplementary feed with grain, hay or silage and monitor stock closely.

Stock should always have access to clean fresh water!!