Subterranean Clover

Subterranean Clover is an extremely valuable self-regenerating annual clover.  Sub Clover offers excellent value for money due to the large volumes of dry matter (forage) that can be produced, nitrogen fixation capabilities and the fact that if it is managed correctly and allowed to set seed periodically, it may only need to be sown once, due to its enormous ability to set seed and regenerate.  Sub Clover varieties have a wide range of different maturities and we recommend sowing a mixture of these different maturing varieties to ensure a measure of protection from false breaks and early finishing seasons.


Management Tip

Sub Clover Pastures should be allowed to set seed in the year of establishment as this will ensure the long term clover content of your pasture.  Crops should be grazed lightly and stock removed as soon as the first flowers appear. If crops are grazed too hard or cut for hay in the year of establishment then you will remove the bank of seeds destined for future regeneration.

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