South Australian Seed Marketers was established in 1988 to operate as the pasture seed trading and export arm of the company.

South Australian Seed Marketers is not only one of the largest suppliers of public pasture seed varieties to the wholesale and trade markets throughout Australia, but is also one of the largest suppliers to the export market.

South Australian Seed Marketers trades in all public pasture seed varieties and are especially strong in Lucerne, Haifa White Clover, Sub Clover and Annual Clovers, with sales to the Middle East, United States of America, China, Europe and South Africa being our main export destinations.

Public Pasture Seeds

Being positioned in the largest and most reliable pasture seed production area in Australia gives us the competitive edge by being able to purchase seeds direct from the grower. By choosing to work with Naracoorte Seeds we offer our clients:

• Continuity of Supply
• Ongoing Quality
• Access to market Intelligence
• Excellent range of Temperate Pasture Species
• Prompt delivery

For all trading & export enquiries, please contact:

Jamie Tidy
Mobile – 0427 621944
Work – 08 8762 1944

Joshua Rasheed
Mobile – 0427 790655
Work – 08 8762 1944

Mark Williams
Work – 08 8762 1944

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