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Naracoorte Seeds Research Farm

Several years ago we identified the need to test more of the varieties we sell to see if they fit the specifics of our region. We purchased a small block of land approximately 5kms from Naracoorte on the Penola Rd which has a good spread of soil types which represent what we deal with in the South East.

We have a long term persistence demonstration trial which is entering its third year, which has already shown some very interesting results as we have had two of the worst springs on record and we have suffered significant plant losses.

We graze the site with sheep and cattle and we push the paddocks hard as that is how the majority of our clients treat their own paddocks.

We aim to have a field day every year in November showcasing new varieties, new products relevant to seed and any other points of interest we feel might be of benefit to our clients.

Previous Trials & Field Days

Research Farm Updates – May 2017

2016 Annual / Italian Ryegrass Trial

Click here to read the November 2016 report/summary

24 Varieties on 7.2m x 150m plots (0.108ha)
Tetraploid sown @ 30kg/ha
Diploid sown @ 22kg/ha

Annual / Italian Ryegrass Trial 2016

Annual / Italian Ryegrass Trial 2016


2015-2016 Research Farm Trials

Farm: Naracoorte Seeds Research Farm
Region: Robertson Hunderd Line
Sown: 3rd June 2015




2014 Research Farm Trials & Field Days

Farm: Naracoorte Seeds Research Farm
Region: Robertson Hundred Line
Sown: 17th June 2014

        Ncte Seeds-Trials2014(1)

Perennial Herb & Sulla Demo Trial

Farm: South Killanoola
Region: Bool Lagoon
Sown: 10th June 2014