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Short Term Ryegrass


Variety Heading Dates (Relative to Nui) Sowing Rate

Concord 2

+14 10 – 20 Exceptionally fast establishment, even year round growth, 500+mm minimum rainfall.


+15 10 – 20 Reliable 2 year option in higher rainfall areas. High sugar and excellent feed quality, very palatable for stock with strong late season production.


+17 10 – 20 Huge winter and spring production, excellent heat tolerance, 3 good years under irrigation, rapid regrowth after grazing.

Maverick G2

+17 10 – 20 Suited for high quality silage, very good disease resistance and persistence, best suited to rotational grazing. High summer forage quality with excellent heat tolerance.


+18 10 – 20 Proven second year performer, densely tillered, produces high quality hay/silage, exceptionally fast regrowth.


+19 10 – 20 Strong autumn and winter yields, good tolerance to rust, ideal for late high quality silage and hay production.



+12 15 – 25 Italian Ryegrass & Meadow Fescue cross allowing for a wider adaption of soils and rainfall zones. Good heat & cold tolerance.


+15 15 – 25 Very fast establishment, high yielding regardless of season, low aftermath heading, maintains quality late into spring.

Feast ll

+17 15 – 25 Excellent year round production, more suited to irrigation. Very palatable option, will respond to summer rain.


+19 15 – 25 High winter production, excellent quality, better suited to irrigation. Hybrid Festulolium.