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Cocksfoot is a summer active perennial grass that is largely suited to free draining soils. Cocksfoot image
Cocksfoot should be kept well grazed to maximize animal production and represents excellent value for money due to the large amount of seeds per kg and low sowing rates.  Some of the more recent varieties offer more palatable production and a host of improved traits.

Variety Sowing Rate


1 – 4 Improved palatability but still needs to be managed, tolerates acid soils, 450+ annual rainfall, excellent summer, autumn and spring production.

Warrior II

1 – 4 Acid soils, excellent summer, autumn and spring production. Hardy perennial grass, winter active, later maturing than traditional cocksfoots.


1 – 4 Hispanica cocksfoot suited to 350mm+. Semi dormant over summer to maximize persistence. Fine leaved and densely tillered. High stock acceptance.


1 – 4 Good all round production, higher rainfall option, suited to well drained soils.


1 – 4 Very palatable to sheep and cattle, excellent seedling vigour.


1 – 4 Highly digestible, good seedling vigour and early growth, good autumn and winter growth, better persistence in wet conditions.


1 – 4 Soft leaved ensuring excellent palatability and quality, suited to all pasture seasons with good grazing recovery, increased winter production, persistent.