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Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass is the backbone of many hay/silage and grazing mixes across the South East.  Annual Ryegrass offers fast, affordable, palatable forage with multiple grazings available from many of the new varieties.  Maturity ranges from very early to very late so there is definitely a variety available to suit your needs. Locally, Annual mixes are used for Hay/Silage and grazing, however there are more and more astute renovators who use their annual mix as a valuable clean up tool for eradicating the annual weed seed bank from the soil profile.  By utilizing this method you not only gain excellent animal production and fill the hay shed but by making hay and silage you are also taking away the problem annual grasses (silvergrass and barleygrass etc), ability to set seed and significantly reduce the weed seed bank.  This will greatly increase your chances of a successful permanent pasture establishment in the following autumn or winter.



Variety Sowing Rate
Regrowth Potential Maturity Attributes


10 – 15 Good Very Early Annual ryegrass toxicity (ARGT) resistant, ideal for pasture in cropping rotation, strong winter growth.


2 – 5 Poor Early Excellent regeneration in light sandy soils, shows some salt tolerance, good low rainfall option.


10 – 15 Excellent Late Fast establishment, good tiller density and rust resistance. Excellent late season production.


Betta Tetila

15 – 25 Poor Early Very aggressive winter growth, excellent option where spring rain is unreliable. Very reliable producer in all conditions.


15 – 25 Good Mid High winter yields, excellent late season quality, capable of several grazings or cuts.


15 – 25 Good Mid/Late Fast emergence vigour, outstanding rust resistance, excellent late season growth, densely tillered and broad leaved for extra yield.


15 – 25 Excellent Mid/Late Prolific winter production – top 3 producer in NSS 24 variety production trial at Research Farm.


15 – 25 Excellent Late/Mid Australian bred for Australian conditions, good early vigour coupled with excellent late season production. Prolific reseeder, if allowed!

Winterstar 2

15 – 25 Excellent Late Good winter production and hangs on well into late season whilst producing large volumes of seed, will continue to produce in summer if moisture permits.


15 – 25 Good Late Very fast establishment with excellent regrowth. Exceptional cool season production. 8-10 month option if sown early.