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Perennial Herbs

Perennial image Tonic Plantain

Perennial Herbs fill a niche market in our region. They bring a blend of persistence, palatability, digestibility and the ability to collect nutrients from the soil which leads to increased animal production. When included in pasture mixes, Perennial herbs have been linked to a reduction in scouring calves and almost alleviating the symptoms of red gut in lamb production.  In the local area perennial herbs have been used with just a splash in pasture mixes in years gone by, however the more we learn about them the more we see that they are most effective when their rates are increased to around 2kg/ha in blends and 5kg/ha on their own.  Herbs sown as a sole species are becoming more and more popular as they are prime finishing tucker for lambs and beef.



 Variety Sowing Rate
Growth Attibutes


1 – 5 Prostrate Excellent Very persistent original variety, 5+ years. Suited to light sandy soils as well as heavier soil types. Will re-seed well if allowed to set seed over the summer months.


1 – 5 Semi–Erect Excellent US variety, very similar to Puna. Breaks winter dormancy earlier giving it a longer growing season. Excellent regeneration properties which aids in long term persistence.


1 – 5 Erect Short Lived Found its niche as a specialist summer crop companion with rape and turnips, excellent producer of leafy forage. 2-3 year option.



1 – 5 Semi-Erect Excellent Fibrous root system, excellent year round production.

Extracts selenium and other trace elements from the soil. Has been used as a perennial ryegrass substitute in some marginal areas.


1 – 5 Erect Excellent Excellent year round production with very fast establishment. Tolerant to drought and low fertility. Excellent for stock nutrition and weight gain.