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Gambier Seeds was established in 1989 to service the needs of the Lower South East of South Australia and the Western District of Victoria. Gambier Seeds stocks many varieties of seed and grain to enable clients to have custom mixes made up for individual paddock requirements. Irrigated dairy mixtures are our specialty.

With our business undergoing significant management changes over the last 6 months, we are excited for what the future holds.  We look to maintain the reliable service that you have become accustomed to over the years, as well as bring in some new pasture mixes, irrigation blends, summer fodder crop blends, fertilizer supply and animal mineral mixes.

Come in store to see some of the changes for yourself and meet our friendly and knowledgeable team!

The Gambier Seeds Team

Rick Jordan

Rick is a co-owner of Gambier Seeds and the Managing Director of this growing business. Rick has an extensive background in agricultural consulting and specializes in Dairy Farm & Irrigated Farming operations.

Mike Walker

Mike has recently moved to the South East to join Gambier Seeds. Mike is eager to learn the business and be actively involved in the community.

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