Annual Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass is the backbone of many hay/silage and grazing mixes across the South East.  Annual Ryegrass offers fast, affordable, palatable forage with multiple grazings available from many of the new varieties.  Maturity ranges from very early to very late so there is definitely a variety available to suit your needs. Locally, Annual mixes are used for Hay/Silage and grazing, however there are more and more astute renovators who use their annual mix as a valuable clean up tool for eradicating the annual weed seed bank from the soil profile.  By utilizing this method you not only gain excellent animal production and fill the hay shed but by making hay and silage you are also taking away the problem annual grasses (silvergrass and barleygrass etc), ability to set seed and significantly reduce the weed seed bank.  This will greatly increase your chances of a successful permanent pasture establishment in the following autumn or winter.



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