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Naracoorte Seeds was founded in 1962 by John Clarkson (dec).

The purpose of the business was to clean and sell seed for local seed producers, predominantly Phalaris, Cocksfoot, Fescue, Strawberry Clover, Shaftal and Sub Clover.

In 1980, after 14 years with Wright Stephenson & Co., (now P.G.G Wrightson Seeds) Bob and Gini Tidy purchased Naracoorte Seeds. Around this time Centre Pivot Irrigators were introduced which significantly increased the amount of seed produced in the area. SA Seed Marketers was established to Promote, Export and Trade seed around Australia and Internationally.

In 1990 Gambier Seeds was established in Mt Gambier as an outlet to supply seed to farmers and merchandise outlets in the lower SE of SA and Western Vic. With Plant Variety Rights/PVR being introduced into Australia in the late 80’s many new varieties have been introduced to the market place. Naracoorte Seeds prides itself in assisting farmers in selecting varieties of seed which best suits their needs from the large number of varieties promoted by all seed companies.

Being based in the South East of South Australia and having spent over 12 years in the seed industry I feel qualified to say that the Company motto of “Keeping Seed Simple” and value for money is the formula that works for the clients we share a relationship with.

Naracoorte Seeds has now been in business for over 50 years and I am proud to say Naracoorte Seeds/SA Seed Marketers is today one of the largest private Seed Companies in the Australian Seed Industry.

With Joshua Rasheed (our lucerne seed trader, seed production manger and pasture adviser) and his wife Emma buying into business, I am confident we will continue to prosper and grow and service the ever changing needs of the Seed Industry.

Jamie Tidy
Managing Director 2010 – present


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