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Naracoorte Seeds was established in 1962 as an outlet for Pasture seed & Grain and remains one of the few independent, privately owned Seed Companies operating in Australia. Naracoorte Seeds is the leading stockist and supplier of Public and Private Varieties of pasture seed for use in the South East of South Australia and Western Victoria. Naracoorte Seeds supervises contract seed production and multiplication of many public and proprietary pasture seed varieties, using experienced and reliable growers with a proven track record. Naracoorte Seeds has been exporting and importing pasture seed for over 20 years. With the experience and relationships gained over this time, there is now not a region globally that we don’t deal with.

Public Pasture Seeds

Being positioned in the largest and most reliable pasture seed production area in Australia gives us the competitive edge by being able to purchase seeds direct from the grower. By choosing to work with Naracoorte Seeds our clients can be sure of:

  • Continuity of Supply
  • Ongoing Quality
  • Access to Market Intelligence
  • Excellent range of Temperate Pasture Species
  • Custom Pasture Seed Blends
  • Prompt delivery

Proprietary Varieties

Being a family owned independent business, Naracoorte Seeds has access to seed from all the major seed companies. We test new varieties to see if they can perform in the very diverse regions of the South East. Only when we are convinced the variety has the ability to perform, do we get behind it. We take the guesswork out of pasture seed selection.